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Sex Positive Education College Style

Meet SPECS, Midd's new peer sex ed student organization.

Let's talk about the stuff you actually want to know.

Our Mission

We want to empower the Middlebury College Community with the knowledge, skills, and resources to make healthy and informed decisions, and to contribute to and participate in an accepting, supportive, and sex positive community.


​Our Philosophy

We believe that sex is a natural part of life and that people express their sexuality in a variety of different ways. We also believe that it is important to talk about sex in open and healthy ways that empowers individuals to make their own informed decisions.


What's Sex Positive?

As sex positive educators, we recognize that people express their sexuality in a various different ways. We support and educate non-judgmentally on all forms of sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual expression in a way that emphasizes consent.

Why Here? Why Now?

MiddKids arrive to campus with varying amounts and types of sex ed. We're here to make sure that all students have access to safe, accurate, and nonjudgemental sex ed. We've all got questions, and now there's a place to go for answers. 


How do I get involved with SPECS?

Send us an email, or come find us! We want our sex ed to reflect the diversity of experiences from the inside out. We invite all students to join in any capacity.

Founded in November 2017, SPECS is a student led peer sex ed org at Middlebury College

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